Wisconsin Evaluation

Menu of Evaluation Services

WEC offers a full range of evaluation services, ranging from a one-time phone consultation to comprehensive evaluation design and implementation and beyond. A WEC consultant can explain our services in more detail and help you determine the best fit for your needs, timeline and budget.

  • Phone consultation
  • Development of research questions
  • Design of an evaluation plan
  • Development of individual evaluation tools
    • Logic model development
    • Review of existing research base
    • Survey development and analysis
    • Sampling
    • Design/conduct focus groups and interviews
    • Statistical analysis
    • Structured observations
  • Strategic planning
  • Conducting comprehensive external evaluations
    • Formative and summative evaluations
    • Process, outcome, and impact evaluations
      • Needs assessment and asset mapping
      • Developmental evaluation
      • Implementation and process
      • Program outcomes and impact
      • Cost benefit/effectiveness
      • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Building organizational capacity for conducting internal evaluation
  • Coordinating connections for professional development aligned to evaluation findings