Wisconsin Evaluation

Wisconsin Education Policy Outreach and Practice (WEPOP)

WEPOP: Wisconsin Education Policy, Outreach, and PracticeWisconsin Education Policy Outreach and Practice (WEPOP) is a group of former classroom teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison dedicated to teacher-driven conversations about education policy. WEPOP functions as a graduate student “clinic” within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, and is directed by Annalee Good. Through the WEPOP Clinic, graduate students and practicing Teacher Fellows partner across schools, districts, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and UW-Madison.

Our Mission

  1. Build PK-12 teachers’ capacity around federal, state, and local policy initiatives.
  2. Provide an inclusive, low-stakes space for teachers to collaboratively engage with policy issues.
  3. Foster on-going, teacher-directed policy discussions with advocates, policymakers, and researchers. 

Current WEPOP Members

Gerry Dryer
Chang Hee Lee
Kate Robert

Former WEPOP Members

*Sadie Fox Barocas
*Carlos Jose Canela
*Laura Chávez-Moreno
*Rachel Feldman
Jonathan Harper
Matthew Parish

WEPOP Teacher Fellows

Matthew Belz
Carmen Montopoli
Mindy Mulryan
Phonekeo Siharath